P90x day 68

It’s been a crazy week and pretty successful week… I’ve really tried to push myself, either upping weights or reps with each exercise.  That’s not anything out of the ordinary, but I’ve tried to focus extra hard on it this week.  The morning workouts have actually been pretty good to me and the bonus has been that I’m active a couple extra hours each day.

I’ve also kept busy working on my car (1970 GTO)… it’s been like and extra 2-3 hour workout most nights and that’s left little time for eating, another plus.  All this has help me achieve something I never thought possible.  Today was my weekly weigh-in an much to my amazement the scale read 154.2 – holy crap.  Five additional pounds in just a week and crossing the 155 barrier, something I never really thought I’d see again.

With three more weeks of P90x I wonder now where this will end.  150? Nah… I expect that I’ll remain focused, but I don’t really want to drop anymore weight, though I wouldn’t mind continuing to loose a little more body fat.  Otherwise, it’s about starting to find that balance between working out, diet and maintaining.  All-in-all a very good week and three weeks ahead of schedule.

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