P90x day 85

I’m well into the final week of P90x, a recovery week, thus an easy week.  I’m still not entirely sure what’s next, I’ll probably just wing it a bit.  I thought about another round of P90x, but this time following the diet program.  I know I didn’t eat enough during this first round and while I lost a ton of weight (25 lbs), I know it hurt me when it came to building size.  Unfortunately, with softball and baseball, I just don’t think it’ll be possible to stick to either, the diet or exercise.  So for now, I’ll attempt to maintain and stick to a modified P90x plan.  I’m thinking P90x Monday-Friday as usual, some weekends I may get some exercise and others I won’t.  As for the diet – I’ll just try to watch what I eat and eat as healthy as I can.  Once we’re through the youth sports season, late October, I’ll tackle another serious round.  However, if I’m unable to maintain (weight or strength), I’ll just have to find the time somehow, there’s no way I’m going back to my old habits and lifestyle.

One thought on “P90x day 85

  1. Great job with getting to day 85! You are basically done with P90X! I finished my first round of P90X a few weeks ago.

    I started another round of P90X last Sunday and I’m doing it with my wife this time (this is her first round).

    Feel free to check out my results from round 1 of P90X here- P90X Results

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