From one ballpark to another

Another weekend at the ballparks.  The Freshman Jays wrapped up their season in Boonville this weekend (Saturday).  Weird saying the season is over, but there’s summer ball still to go – that too is an abbreviated schedule compared to what we’re used to around here.

Sunday, back at another ballpark, this time for softball and one of the strangest days ever…  three games for team Ricochet – all off them ended in a tie.  Yes, seriously.  Never seen that before…  sorta anti-climatic.  So, you spend all day playing (or watching) softball and you never lost and never won a single game????  That’s just wrong.

P90x:  today was day 90 – YEA, but no time to celebrate, round two starts tomorrow with day 1.  Can anyone say “Ground Hog Day”?  Lets call it day 91 instead – that sounds much better to me.  I’ll try to write up a summary of my experience over the past 90 days, but if you’ve followed my progress here, then you pretty much already know what I’m going to say.

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