P90x summary lost

Yeah, I still owe you guys a summary…  it’s been crazy with baseball, softball, work, etc.

I’m still at the whole P90x thing – didn’t miss a beat or a day, just kept on going, starting over with day one.  I’m now into my third week, almost complete with Phase one for the second time – hard to believe, time just flies.  Going for more weight and trying to bring it with all I have.  Paying particular attention to all the pull-up exercises in this phase – all the way down to freely hang, then all the way up.  And that cut my reps in half, its amazing how this simple change has made the workout so much harder.  Talk about being spent.

Diet wise, I’m a tryin’…  Shooting for 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat – I get there most week days, the weekends not so much.  I use a calorie counter app on the iPhone (myfitnesspal.com) it’s awesome and I track everything that goes into my mouth.  I’m even drinking a ton of whey protein and eating protein bars.  It’s a difficult thing to achieve that 50-30-20 ratio of protein, cards and fat – impossible (for me) without the supplements and a calorie counter.

I’m eating about 1400-1600 calories a day, that’s 200-400 more than I was during the first round, but still about 1500 shy of where the P90x diet plan would have me.  I certainly feel more energetic now than I did in Phase 3, but still feel like I’m draggin’ a lot.  I’ve been reading about a Zig-Zag approach, where one day I’d jump up to 2000 calories (+500 or so), then the next, my starvation diet of 1400 and keep alternating for a few weeks and see how my body adjusts.  If the experts are right, my weight loss (not that I really need much more) and fat reduction should increase as my body shifts out of starvation mode.  And if all goes well there, you keep reducing the starvation days until there are none, then you’d bump your calories again, another 500 or so and repeat the process until you get the diet dial in.  Given I have a desk job, I don’t think I need anywhere near 3000 calories a day, even with all the exercise, but 2000, I can see that.

That’s about it… I’m still a fan, still at it and doing my best.  Next up I’m thinking Insanity (Sheri’s doing that now), then back to P90x for a third round over the winter months.

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