Charlie Peters

It’s been two months since I lost my friend and colleague.  It was just as we began to enter the busiest time of the year for the company where we both work, so busy in fact, I never really had (and very much didn’t want) the opportunity to process what was taking place. And as the days went on, I often found myself getting up from my desk, I wanted to go talk to Charlie about one thing or another.  Charlie and I had a connection…  he hired me 20 plus years ago and along the way had been everything from a boss, to a mentor, to a friend.  We were wired a lot alike, both of us having spent our entire lives with technical things, he was the only guy I’ve ever been able to talk to without having to think about, or translate what I was saying on the fly – something I miss more than any words could ever express.  He’d immediately get it and would often “one up me” in the conversation.  He loved to just make stuff work and it’s what attracted me to this company so many years ago.  Charlie was never full of it, as down to earth as they come and as easy to talk with as anyone could ever imagine.  He was a gift, and my life has been forever bettered because of him and forever altered at the loss of his presence… Miss you Charlie… We all do…

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