There’s something about writing a bio that doesn’t set well with me…  just seems to final and more of an ending than a beginning.  So, for my sake, we’ll just call this an informal stroll through life thus far.

I’m a geek for better or worse and have always been one.  Grew up near St. Louis in a tiny house during the seventies.  And as a youngster I was fascinated by electronics and mechanical things.  I tried to bug my parents room when I around eight from various parts I cannibalized from radios, record players, telephones, anything I could find.  It never quite worked and for the life of me I have no idea why I wanted to do this.  About this same age, you might find me climbing on the roof and stringing wires (provided my parents weren’t around) – dipole antennas, but I didn’t know that then.

In 1979 our family, along with many others made the exodus to suburbia.  A new and unpaved land open to exploration by a twelve year old and his bike.  And boy did we explore.  I watched city of St Peters literally explode from a sleepy town to city-scape it became within a couple of years.  Over the course of a summer, what was trails through wooded areas or farmland was turned into row after row of homes.  Nothing was spared.  It was something to witness and difficult to appreciate if you weren’t there to watch it happen. And here I discovered many of the things that would stick with the for the rest of my life.  Photography, computers and my wife – yep… my wife to be – who knew.

Today (2010) we live near Jefferson City Missouri where I work for a great company, Learfield Communications, where I very loosely manage their computer department and work with an amazing group of people – more like an extended family.

The wife and I have two kids, a boy and a girl (twins) who have their driver permits, do very well in school and who are softball and baseball athletes to boot.

All told, life couldn’t be any better…

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