Changes to the Photo section

For awhile now I've been looking for an easier way to manage photos and simplify the "online ordering" of photos from this website. I think I've found it.

As you view pictures on this site, you'll notice an "item actions" menu "Order this Photo" link beneath the picture. Clicking on this and selecting "Print on" will automatically add your photo to the ordering site. You can order regular prints, posters, mugs, t-shirts, all kinds of stuff. If you use the new system, let me know how it works for you.

With these changes, you'll also notice I'm now watermarking my photos and I'll soon be removing the photo download option from the website. I put a lot of time and effort into this and I need to take a few steps to protect my work. It's not my intention to make a profit off the parents and I'll be putting together a coupon code that will enable you to order prints at a discount. This is just a hobby for me, so if by some miracle this becomes profitable, I'll work with the teams and we'll donate to them. My hope is this makes it easier for you and that I'll recover a small portion of what all this costs to run. It'd be awesome if it becomes beneficial to the teams too.

Note: if you order pictures online the watermark will be removed automatically. You don't need to do anything special, its all automatic.

Evening softball game

Megan has been playing softball for her middle school this fall – pretty laid back, don't believe they keep score even though the teams do. Tonight was a big night for her. With bases loaded she caught a fly ball at short to shutdown the other team. Then during her second at bat she managed to knock in the tieing run with a hard hit double out to left. "Game!" What? Game? Who the heck calls a game in a tie and in the middle of an inning – heck not even the middle of an inning – her team was still batting, only had two outs. Good grief!

Final softball weekend

Spent most of the weekend at Megan’s softball tournament – they played pretty well. Megan started to come alive; fielding and hitting pretty good. And the most amazing thing happened – she almost cried Sunday when they were eliminated from the tournament.

What’s so amazing about that you say? We’ll Megan has watched Sam play his heart out this year, many times he’s walked off the field in tears or just about anyway. Megan simply couldn’t understand this: “How stupid, I can’t believe anyone cries over sports!” We’ll this weekend I think she finally understands; you work and try so hard, pouring your heart, mind and body into it – it simply hurts to loose. I’ve been saying for a long time, Megan could be a great softball player if only she could make that heart felt connection to the game. While I’m not entirely sure that connection was made, I now know she now understands and may grow to love the game.

Good job Megan and Team Coca-Cola – we’re all proud of you ladies!