Miss You Pete


It’s been over a week (Sept 4th) since we lost our beloved pet of 10+ years – Pete.  It’s truly amazing how large of an impact these little guys have on a family, creeping their way into every facet of your life and the hole the leave behind is just as big.  Every morning I get up, I still look for him to meet me in the kitchen for his morning plate of veggies.  In the evenings, I expect to see him sitting under a chair and at bedtime – well, that was treat time and he’d come running.

Pete lived a long life, as I mentioned earlier, 10+ years.  That’s an awfully long time for a rabbit and our vet was amazed by his age and health, which I took to mean, we did a good job with him.  Earlier this year it was discover Pete had cancer – he had an operation to remove a growth in his chest, but the vet wasn’t very optimistic.  It took a long time for him to recover from the surgery and in truth, there were days where I worried a lot.  But thankfully after 6 weeks, he was back to his-self , running around, getting into things and even developed a fascination for going outside and lying down on the front porch.  We had a great couple of months together and are so thankful for that extra time he spent with us.

We love you Pete and we miss you terribly.

P90x – day 8

It’s been a long week and difficult first week.  I thought I was in decent shape, but nothing compared to where this exercise program is going to take you.  The Yoga routine (day 4) pretty much wiped out the soreness – 90% of it I’d say, before it I could hardly walk.  I’m starting to get familiar with the routines, they’re much easier the second time around.  And the Ab Ripper routine – on day one I couldn’t do 95% of those exercises, but on day seven I could do 95% of them.  What a difference a week makes.  The pull-up bar is still a challenge though.

The wife joined in sometime mid week – she didn’t want to get left in the dust – and I’m glad, I know we’ll both need a push or two over the next 90 days.

Most of the folks I work with are doing the Insanity work outs at lunch and they keep trying to sucker me in.  I don’t know, but think one extreme workout a day is enough.  Two and they might cart me away to the loony bin.  This is going to be the fittest IT department in the state without question.

Plyometrics tonight… yea baby!


It’s day 3 of week one and I can sum it up in just a couple of words…  ou, ou… ooouuuch!  It’s pretty easy to see how a person would be in the best shape of their life in only 90 days, there’s simply no question in my mind.  Basically there’s only two possible outcomes; you’ll either be in the best shape of your life or you’ll simply be dead.  Frankly it’s no more complicated than that.

All this so I can manage to carry my new camera into the woods with me this coming spring and summer.

Doris Atkinson Weir

We buried my grandmother today, pretty much ruined my Monday, still so hard to believe she’s really gone.  We did everything together.

She was a pretty simple lady, not philosophical, not interested in politics, she lived her life letting her actions speak for themselves.  She never tried to change the world, she simply invested herself in her family.  At 86 years old she was always ready to go, just pick up the phone, give her a call, and hit the road.  It didn’t matter what we were doing or where we were going, she was always game.  Her spontaneity was an inspiration and she exited this world much in the way she lived.  The picture of health for some one her age, my father talked to her on Wednesday afternoon, she was cleaning house and had just purchased a new microwave (with a 10 year warranty).  She simply went to bed Wednesday evening and never woke up.

As hard as it is, I’m happy for her, she deserved such a gracious exit, she earned it. And her funeral, just as gracious, a simple grave side ceremony, for a simple lady, who was always thinking for everyone else first. The family added the visitation to her (our) wishes, we simply needed more time with her.

Doris Schopp Atkinson Weir, 86 of Columbia, died Thursday August 6, 2009 at her home in Columbia. Graveside service will be at 1:00pm, Monday, August 10, 2009 at Columbia Cemetery. Visitation will be from 11:00am to 1:00pm, Monday at Parker Funeral Service. Doris was born December 28, 1922 in St Louis to Carl John and Florence Ann Ouhrabka Schopp. Doris graduated High School in St Louis and attended the University of Missouri. She was married to Glen D. Atkinson on July 4, 1942, he died January 11, 1960. She later married Vernon E. Weir on August 19, 1961, he died March 12, 1989. She was a very active volunteer for the Boy Scouts for many years. She loved her family very much and always enjoyed time with all of them. Doris moved to Columbia in 1994. She is survived by her son, Robert G. Atkinson and his wife Sandy of St Charles, MO, a Sister-in-Law, Ruth Atkinson of Columbia, a Daughter-in –Law, Charlotte Atkinson of Columbia, grandchildren, Phil & Sheri Atkinson, Lisa & Aaron Neugarten, Kimberly Godbey and Dana & Mark Baumann, great grandchildren, Megan & Sam Atkinson, Andrew & Emily Neugarten, Hannah, Rachel & Zachary Godbey and Amanda, Kyle & Sarah Baumann. She was preceded in death by her parents, husbands, two brothers, one sister and one son, William A. Atkinson. Memorials may be sent to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society.

She died on my wife’s and mine 21st anniversary, the card she mailed arrived the day she died and still sits on our kitchen counter.  Sheri and I both pick it up and look at it, but can’t yet bring ourselves to open it, as if keeping it unopened somehow hangs onto her.  I guess that’s something funny about human nature, it’s not always logical or simply even rational at times and yet it just feels right.

I know time eventually heals all wounds and in time it’ll get easier, but as we sat with her for the last time, on a couch next to her casket, in silence, unable and unwilling to leave her side, I’m not sure any of us said goodbye… perhaps in time.

We’ll miss you Grandma

I lost my Grandmother today… she was such a huge part of my (our) lives.  And she attended more softball and baseball games than I can begin to count, always encouraging to the kids.  I think it reminded her of an earlier time and folks came to know and expect to see her around the ball parks.  She’ll be missed more than I could ever express.

Obit: Doris Atkinson Weir

You better stop before someone gets hurt

Oh, how many times I heard that one growing up.  For that matter, still hear it today; so much for growing up I guess.  Horse play is a staple at the Atkinson’s, we thrive on it, even though it drives Mom nuts most of the time.  Whenever someone sits next to you on the couch, their motives are always suspect.  And sure enough, at the first laspe of concentration, you’re liable to get socked in the shoulder or leg.  Which is immediately followed by Sam or Megan running for their lives with me in hot pursuit.  Sometimes they get caught. Sometimes they make it to their rooms and lock the door.  And sometimes, as was the case last week, there’s and entirely different outcome – can you say karma?

That’s pretty much how it went, with Sam running down the hall for his life with me in hot pursuit, only this time, his foot didn’t quite clear the wall – thud.  Followed by a one leg hopper over the bunny gate in the hall (yes, we have a pet rabbit).  And another loud thud as Sam crashed to the floor on the other side.  “Told you somebody would get hurt.”

Sam’s a pretty tough kid, tougher than I, then or probably now for that matter, but after a couple of days hobbling around the house it was time to see the doctor.  Diagnosis – one broken toe.  Broken toe or not – that’s not gonna earn you an easy day at baseball practice and serves you right for froggin’ me in the leg. OK… Maybe I’m being a little hard on him, he can skip running suicides next week.

Where I’ve been

The first post of the year… and the first post in almost two months, how embarrassing! Believe it or not, I’ve actually been working on the ole blog, but that’s just been back-end technical stuff. This blog was actually born out of my interest to play with Drupal (the software behind this blog), not so much from a desire to blog. However, I’ve enjoyed blogging in the past, but somewhere along the way it lost its luster. Both home and work have become incredibly busy… and I’ve been pursuing my interest in photography a bit more too. All that just seems to suck the hours from every day and when it comes time to write, I ‘m just mentally spent. Hopefully I’ll do better and get it back on track, and now that baseball and softball are just around the corner I’ll have a little extra motivation.

The ole blog’s been suffering lately

Hope you’ll all forgive me — the blog’s been suffering lately. Life’s been pretty crazy the last few months and I’ve been away traveling for work. Much of Septemebr has been spent away from home, then toss in fall baseball and the ole plate is pretty full. Hopefully things will slow down a bit in October and I’ll get back to bloggin’.

Another trip to the hospital – I swear…

If it's not Sam, it's Megan… today it was Megan's turn. She went swimming at a friends house and the girls were racing through the garage in their flip-flops, dripping wet – not a good combination. Megan has a hard enough time staying on her feet under the best conditions, so needless to say she fell – big surprise. Unfortunately she bounced the side of her head off the concrete floor which resulted in 2 1/2 inch long gash in her head. Two hours and nine staples later and she's on her way to recovery – at least for a little while.