A crazy couple of weeks.

It's been awhile since my last post, a crazy couple of weeks and some personal family challenges with the death of my grandfather and an eight month old niece within a week of each other.  Mud Dawg and JCBI parents/players, keep checking back.  I'll get pictures posted and season videos completed for each team over the next few weeks.  Don't give up on me!

Mud Dawgs are done for the season, but JCBI still has a couple of tournaments yet.

A great Memorial day weekend

This was the first weekend I can remember without a ball game or practice.  We managed to catch-up a bit on the house and I finally managed to clean out the garage from the mess of winter.  Sheri and I even made a trip to Lowe's and managed to pick out some tile for the ole house – not sure when I'll ever have time to install it!  Maybe this coming winter…

Now with the kids out of school and Sheri taking a few months away from work, hopefully we'll be able to catch-up on life a bit.  With both of us working and running to ball games almost every day for the past month or I'm sure the slower pace will be much enjoyed. I might even get something for dinner besides a ballpark hotdog or pretzel.

Easter weekend

Snapped this picture of niece Amanda and her dog Lucy in St. Louis.  Without any baseball games this weekend we packed up and headed to our old stomping grounds for the day and celebrated both Easter and our kids 12th birthday.

The wife is gonna kill me…

With the upcoming baseball season I couldn't help myself, I broke down and purchased a new camera lens for my Canon DSLR. Last year I shot most of my pictures using an older version of the Canon EF 75-300 IS USM, this year I'll have its bigger, and far heavier brother, the EF 100-400 L IS USM. I can' wait to put this baby into action. Hopefully I'll capture some great images of the kids doing what they do best, "PLAY BALL!!!"

Home life slows a bit…

Things have slowed down a bit at the ole Atkinson household. Sam has put to bed the 2006 baseball season, looking forward to 2007. And Megan's last softball game is Monday. Other than that, we made a few road trips to vist with family and have been getting ready for Halloween – Atkinson style. Nothing to major, but this year we've added a bunch of computer controlled lights sync'd to music. Hopefully the yonger kids will like and the older kids won't steal anything.