Willie no longer with BC Baseball

I received an interesting comment from Willie yesterday.  For those who don’t know, Willie managed the umpires for the BC League at Twin Oaks in Columbia, Missouri for the past couple years.  Personally, I thought he was great, his son played some with Sam on the Mud Dawgs back in 2007. Willie was always pleasant, running busily from field to field and generally had a smile on his face, even in the midst of heated discussions, which happen all to frequently in youth sports.

Well, it looks like Willie is leaving (has left?) BC Baseball. We’ll miss you Willie. Good luck!

Just wanted to say that for the past three years
at the BC ( Of which I have been UIC for two of them) I have had the
joy of watching our youth grow and play in the game of baseball, I wish
all of the teams and coaches the best of luck in the 2009 season and I
hope for the best for all of them.

In the two years that I WAS the UIC I did my best to bring the standard
of the umpires to the highest level of the game that I could, I admit
that there were times and games that could have gone better but we are
all human and we make mistakes but all in all I think the level of
umpireing at the BC was at the highest that it has ever been and I hope
that it will continue to do so for I will not be a part of the BC
Baseball family in 2009 and it is of no fault of mine or the BC There
were just some things that I thought should have been handled different
and we did not see eye to eye. But as for the umpires and the rest of
the people that I had the pleasure of working with I enjoyed my time
there and who knows maybe someday we will meet again at a different
field and a different place.

So this is where I say good bye and God Bless.

Submitted by willie (not verified) on September 24, 2008 – 4:03pm

Mud Dawgs split a pair of games

Wednesday evening the Dawgs took on the Barracudas in a double header. Sam had another chance to sub with the Dawgs as they only had 8 players with Sam. First games was a bit rough, but the Dwags somehow managed a 9-8 win in the second game –not bad for 8 players. Honestly –forgive me Sam, but it’s more like 7 and a half players –poor Sam. He’s just tiny compared to the bigger boys, but he has a blast playing with his old teammates and we’re thankful for the opportunity to play with them.

So until next time — GO MUSKRATS!! or something like that anyway…

Mud Dawgs: Columbia Classic – 3rd place

Saturday Sam hooked up with the ole Mud Dawg team and played a couple games… sorta like old times. We miss those guys and their play hard, have fun attitude.

First up was the Sedalia Hurricanes and a 11-5 victory.  Followed by the St. Louis Gamers and a hard fought 9-7 loss.  The Dawgs managed a late game rally to give the Gamers a bit of a scare, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.  I’ll have to admit the Gamers looked pretty good defensively, they knew their cut-offs and things we’re clicking.  Offensively the hit the ball to boot.  According to the coaches, it was the strongest team the Dawgs had faced this season.

Pictures are posted as usual. Mud Dawgs.

Nine Principles of Baseball and Life

One of our JCBI parents ran across this and shared it with our team. Nine Principles of Baseball and Life by Raymond Angelo Belliotti documents some pretty powerful words to live by, both on and off the field. I felt it’s worth sharing with the rest of you.

Baseball is about parents taking their children to local fields and teaching them the sport. Baseball is about the bonding of parents and children in the context of 150 years of history and the excitement of the infinite possibilities of summer. Baseball is about preseason practices, with everyone playing a variety of positions, no one keeping score, everyone energized, yelling, and engaged. Baseball is passing down an American legacy, reinforcing family love, teaching values and a way of life, sharing joy and triumph, sorrow and defeat. Baseball can illustrate and enhance the meaning in our lives. Baseball is only a distant cousin to organized games, all star tournaments, or names appearing in the local sports pages.

My Sicilian parents taught me values about life that are applicable to playing baseball. My father made it clear: if I acted inappropriately on a baseball field, no umpire, no coach, no league official would have to intervene. He would run onto the field himself and physically drag me off. He was not in attendance to be embarrassed by a son who had not learned proper values. The most important rule: approach any task with great enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and with appreciation for the opportunity to participate. My 9 principles of baseball are more fundamentally 9 principles of living a rewarding life.

Do not blame teammates, umpires, coaches, fans, or the position of the moon for your performance. Take responsibility for what happens on the field. Stand up, make no excuses, refuse the excuses that others might offer you. Excuses get in the way of learning because mistakes are denied. Be accountable. Remember you are not expected to be a perfect performer. No one is. Baseball is not an easy game to play.

Continue reading Mr.Belliotti’s Nine Principles. It’s worth a read.

BC baseball expands its program

For years now I’ve been touting the BC baseball program at Twin Oaks in Columbia, Missouri.  Simply put, I’ve felt there’s no better place to play baseball in central Missouri, and in my opinion, this league develops some of the best baseball players in Missouri –bar none.  Teams make their way to Columbia every spring and summer from all over Missouri and are generally surprised at the level of competition they run into.  If you can compete here, you can go anywhere in the state and being in the running to win a tournament.

This year the league is expanding.  Normally, I’d agree it’s a good thing –anything that brings more kids into baseball is a good thing.  However, kids have been traveling from all over central Missouri to play at BC and only the truly dedicated make the commitment and sacrifice to play.  For many of these kids baseball is everything, it’s more than just a game.  Now with such a rapid and large expansion of the league, I can only hope that steps are being taken to ensure the level of competition remains high.  It’d be easy with an influx of teams to lose sight of developing great baseball players in lieu of the almighty dollar.  If that happens, you can bet your last dollar, I’ll be the first one screaming!  Until then, I’ll hold my tongue and cross my fingers!


2007 Mud Dawgs Video

Hey, I’m getting better (faster?). After stressing about getting this season highlight video done, it’s finished, and almost 2 months earlier than last year!

What a blast this year was – a virtual whril wind for us. And once again, Jade, Larry, Bobby – you guys are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work with the boys once again this year. You guys are the best and words simply can’t convey the appreciation we feel in our hearts for you guys.

This year’s video doesn’t even scratch the surface of the piles of pictures and video Sheri and I captured. Perhaps as winter sets in I’ll produce another movie or two – we’ll see. Until then, you can get a look-see at this one on YouTube, or you can download it from here. The download requires Apple’s QuickTime which is a free download from Apple.

P.S. JCBI and Thunder – I haven’t forgotten about you guys, your videos are in the works.

Photo Ordering Update

As of today, I’ve abandoned the DigiBug ordering system of photos from this site and have replaced it with another. We’ll call it Phi’s Ordering System – not very creative, but since I’ll be the one fulfilling orders you can trust that it’ll get done. The pricing is a little more than DigiBug since it’s a manual process. And if you need/want something special, just contact me and I’ll see what I can do. I don’t mean to bash the DigiBug folks, we just ran into a few kinks they haven’t figured out yet. Once they get things resolved, I may move back.

Like before, there’s a link at the bottom left of every photograph "Add Photo To Cart". Just click to add the photo you want, then select the size you’d like and either checkout or continue shopping for more pictures. Checkout is via Paypal by clicking the PayPal Buy Now.

That’s about it, I’ll ship your photos within a few days of the order.

A few kinks with the photo ordering system

OK – nobody panic (including me), but a few kinks have developed with the photo ordering system.  Isn't that how it always goes?  You test and test, then finally release it to the public and the wheels fall off.  Well, the wheels haven't really fallen off, but some of the orders have been delayed due to technical issues with the DIgiBug folks.  They're working on it and we'll hopefully get back on track soon.  Until then, know I'm keeping an eye on things.