Sportsmanship you can be proud of

I’ve been meaning to post this here for a couple weeks now. When I heard this story it melted my heart and made me wonder what other coaches/teams would do or how they’d want their team to respond.

During an April softball game a young lady clobbered her first homer over the fence, but suffered a knee injury on her way to first base. In short, she was injured to a degree where she couldn’t make it around the bases. Unfortunately her teammates and coaches could touch her, if they did, she’d be out. While the coaches discussed their options with the umpires (substituting a pinch runner would mean the home run would be ruled a single) the first baseman from the opposing team offered to carry the injured player around the bases so the run would count –what a selfless act of leadership! Turns out there’s no rule against it so that’s just what they did, even though it knocked them out of tournament play.

You gotta read this college softball story:
Unbelievable’ sportsmanship in softball game

Wow… is all I can say. This definitely qualifies for my "one step beyond" category.

Minor league baseball coach loses it!

OK. There's nothing about good sportsmanship here, so if you're looking for that, it's time for you to move on. However, if you've ever coached or as a parent just about lost your mind over calls at the plate, this is for you. I guess thankfully, maybe, the rest of us never have the guts to go all out, but sometimes as a coach, you simply can't take it anymore and you've gotta do, what you gotta do. After this weekends School's Out baseball tournamnet in Columbia, I espically loved the scene at home plate – I know the Mud Dawgs will love it too. And I think Phillip Wellman should get 4 out of 5 stars for creativity.

Here's the link, it's worth the commercial – trust me! Stark raving skipper!

Now that’s dedication…

An 83-year-old Kansas woman spent 30 years driving open roads, picking up aluminum cans, in a single-handed effort to raise enough money to build a community swimming pool for the children in her home town of Eskridge. Read the full story.

That's 30 years of picking up trash.  So what exactly are you so passionate about to stick with it for 30 years… anything?

Mentos plus diet Coke equals entertainment

So in continuation of “One step Beyond … I’m not sure who these cats are, but heard they were on Letterman the other night and for good reason. For me, one has to wonder how people discover things like this. Is it along the lines of: one day you just happen to pop a Mentos in your mouth and take a swig of diet Coke? Or does the chemist in you one day notice the ingredients and put two-and-two together?

Well, whatever the case – nieces’ and nephews’ will be over this 4th of July holiday – with a bit of luck I’ll sucker them into dropping a few Mentos into a diet Coke bottle. We’ll try to have the camera’s rolling to capture their reaction.

If you haven’t seen the video – it’s worth a few minutes to do so.

Update: The how and why.