2011 Jays Baseball Photos

It’s been awhile coming, but you should know by now that things get pretty crazy this time of year for me… anyway, I’ve sorted through about 3000 baseball photos so far and have posted a few in the gallery.  As always, you’re welcome to download and print the files yourself or you can print them via Digibug and have them delivered to your home.

Here’s the link to the gallery>>>

Jobo 3005

Jobo 3005

Almost a $1000 for a plastic container…  yeah, welcome to photography.  Anyway, I finally managed to acquire a tank to process 8×10 negatives, still every time I turn around it seems I need something else, sigh.  Oh well, such is life, baby steps.

I’m finally starting to get my makeshift darkroom together, the sink is on the way, a little plumbing to do and I’ll soon be in business.  The idea has always been to scan the negatives, process and print in the digital realm, but I’m starting to think about wet printing.  See, I need more stuff…

So what are your dreams

Or more importantly, what are you doing to achieve them?

As always, David duChemin is spot on… if his most recent post doesn’t cause you to reevaluate, I’m not sure what will.  Fear is something we all must face, but regret is something we can avoid.

We’re all terminal folks. We’re all in the sniper scope. We’ve got less time that we think. For every ten people that email me and say, “I wish I could do what you’re doing. I wish I could follow my dreams, I wish, I wish…,” I wonder if even one moves forward. I hope so.

Read David’s latest post about getting off your butt and taking responsibility for you dreams.

I feel like such a hypocrite

It seem I’m always preaching to others, part of the job I guess, giving encouragement and sometimes a kick in the shorts.  I’m not one to sit around and listen to excuses, if you want something, need something, well, get off your butt and go get it.  But here’s the confession bit…  I have a huge interest in photography, always have, but I do very little with it most times.  I love black and white photographs and I follow and occasionally converse with some professional photographers who make a living making photographs they want to make verse those who’ll photograph anything to get paid.

About a year ago I purchased and began the restoration of a, 8×10 Deardorff film camera with the intent to get my butt in the proverbial field and make some photographs I wanted to make.  Alas that hasn’t happened yet.  In my head are a list of excuses, excuses I’ve rebuked others for and frankly excuses I don’t have the guts to mention here – they’re all too petty – they are excuses.

So what’s the purpose in writing this?  I’m not entirely sure, but when things aren’t going as planned, I’ve always encouraged others to call it what it is – to give it a name.  So few of us are willing to do that, because usually it’s a personal failure that we’re reluctant to name, as is the case here.  I’m failing to execute on my own desires and worse yet, I’m failing to execute the advice I so often give others and that make me a hypocrite.

Argh… so tonight I’ll go home, exercise a bit and drag out the old camera.  My intent – my goal – to take a photograph with the Deardorff, any photograph (even of my back yard if necessary) before the week is out.  As they say…  you don’t have to be great to start something, you just need to start to become great.  I’ll settle for starting this week.

Photography: Pro vs. Amateur

So, what’s in a name?  I’ve always thought of Pro-Photographers as those who make a living as a photographer, everyone else falls into the amateur category.  Some sell photographs as a hobby while holding down their full-time job, thus semi-pro.  It’s never meant anything more or less than that.  However, many seem to place some sort of creative distinction based on these labels.  “I’m only an amateur.”  It’s often heard as some sort of voluntary defense to insulate one from any rejection, as if your images are immediately less important or sub-standard.

David duChemin reminds everyone, that’s just not the case.  Just create what you love.  Follow your passion.  And don’t apologize for it.

Texas sunrise

It was an early morning… somewhere in Texas as Shane (a co-worker) and I headed home to Missouri.  We were on some small highway out in the middle of what seemed to be absolutely nowhere Texas.  Yes, I know it’s a big state, but it was early…

Diamond Pet Foods

Honestly there’s just not much in Meta, Missouri.  An awfully small town, but with a few interesting sprinkles of stuff (honestly can’t think of a better description) scattered around.  Diamonds Pet Foods for example…  just another factory, but visit on a cold winter day and this is your reward.  Steam billows from the facility constantly and almost dances as it interacts with the cold wind.

Invested: just a glimpse

Invested: just a glimpse

One of the more poignant photos I captured this season; and one of my favorite of the tens-of-thousands I’ve taken over the years.  It’s the yin and yang of sports that plays out somewhere each and everyday.  And for those invested in the moment, it means everything.