Weekend summary

I ate too much… exercised too little… got way too much sun and 800+ pictures to sort through.

It was the first road trip of the summer sports season – softball is officially in full swing.  Another new team for Megan this year – Ricochet.  She almost joined this team last year (and should have), but for some reason decided against it, that was a mistake.  Anyway, a pretty good showing for team Ricochet to kick off the season with a fourth place finish in the KC Sonic Invitational.

I’m pretty sure it’s Megan’s first trophy/medal in competitive softball and she was given a MVP medal in one of the pool games for a triple she hit on Saturday.  Sunday she was sick and found out what it’s like to be on the road, playing in a tournament with only nine – you just gotta suck it up.  Ricochet’s motto – “Rub some dirt on it.”  Ah, the life of an athlete.

Next weekend, both a softball and baseball tournament – can you tell it’s summer at the Atkinsons?  I’ll get the picture posted as soon as I can, hopefully later this week.