Team Rampage dissolved

Unfortunately, team Rampage is no more.  Can’t say for sure what exactly happened to this team, several players just moved onto other teams. Pretty sad. I’m still trying to get used to all this softball tryouts and girls moving around from team to team.  It’s a bit weird considering our experience with baseball, but it is, what it is and team Rampage is no more.

Memorial Day Classic Tournament Summary

The River City Rampage won two and lost five in the Memorial Day Classic held in Kansas City, Missouri. Rampage went 2-4 in pool play, but lost their first bracket game to the St. Louis Heat Monday morning.

Rampage got off to a slow start in their first of three pool games Saturday, with a 9-0 loss against the Oklahoma City Strikkers. Kristen Burnett took the loss and managed the only hit in the game for Rampage.

In game two, the Lady Saints handed Rampage another disappointing 7-3 loss. Shelby Lecuru took the loss, but had two hits for the game and scored two of three runs. Madi Wisch managed a single and scored the remaining run. Kenzie Blythe and Chelsey Werdehausen each had a hit, while Jennifer Buschjost smacked the only double for the evening.

In game three the bad luck continued as Rampage fell to the Xtreme Heat, 7-1. Kristen Burnett got a hit and scored the only run. Jennifer Buschjost, Kate Allison, Kenzie Blythe, and Megan Atkinson each had hits for Rampage.

Sunday was entirely different as Rampage continued pool play and was eager to make up for Saturdays losses; first up Club Elite Classics and a 6-1 win for Rampage. Kristen Burnett got the win and scored two runs. Shelby Lecuru, Madi Wisch, Kayla Schulte, and Jennifer Buschjost also scored. Schulte and Buschjost each had a double, while Lecuru, Wisch, Burnett, Buschjost and Blythe rounded it out with one hit each.

Game 5 and a short lived winning streak was born as Rampage took on ESC Black and a 9-4 win. Shelby Lecuru was the winning pitcher and scored a run. Kayla Schulte and Jennifer Buschjost each scored two, while Madi Wisch, Kristen Burnett, Kenzie Blythe, Megan Atkinson and Chelsey Werdehausen each added runs to the scoreboard. Buschjost managed the only double for the game, while Lecuru, Schulte, Burnett, and Atkinson each had two hits. Blythe, Werdehausen, and Hannah Stone also added a hit.

Sorry folks – we’re missing the details of game 6 against the Blue Springs Lightning, but it was a loss for ole team Rampage.

Memorial Day kicked off the bracket and it was a nasty, rainy day to be playin’ ball. And to make matters worse, the seeding worked out such that Rampage first game was against the Missouri Heat, the only undefeated team in the tournament. Kristen Burnett led the charge with a single and an over-the-fence two run homer, driving in Shelby Lecuru who also had a hit. The only other hit was a deep shot into right for a double, by Chelsey Werdehausen. In the end, it was the Heat over Rampage, 10-1 and a trip back home.

Rampage: Memorial Day Classic

Updated: 5/26/2008 8:30 pm
Dog-Gone-It… a miserable morning for softball in KC today with a steady rain and rain soaked fields to play on. Rampage drew the Heat for the first game this morning, the only undefeated team in the tournament. Unfortunately, Rampage couldn’t muster the win, despite Kristen’s two run shot over the fence. That’s how it goes sometimes.

All-in-all I thought the girls played pretty well. This is a really young team compared to most of the competition and it shows not only in size, but experience too. As the season progresses, I bet the girls will grow and go far. Coaches are considering some (a?) 13U tournaments, it’d be interesting to see how the girls do against teams their own age.

Rampage, I believe has a week or two off from tournaments. Perhaps a pick up game or two against some local teams.

During the tournament I clicked off just shy of 500 photos. So, between the number of photos and it being a pretty busy week around here with softball camp, baseball games, etc., I probably won’t have anything posted until the weekend. Keep checking the Rampage folder in the photos section for any updates.

5/25/2008 11:30PM
This weekend we’re in Kansas City for the Memorial Day Classic, where teams come from all over to participate. We’ve seen teams from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and probably a few more that I’ve missed. Needless to say the level of competition has been pretty impressive.

Its been two full days, three games each with one more day to go –barring a rain out Monday. Unfortunately, Rampage got off to a slow start Saturday, losing their first three games, but picked it up today winning two of the three. Megan took a ball off the tip of her glove and busted her lip pretty good, in the last game today. That event took Megan out of the game and unnerved the girls a bit making for a tough inning for ole Rampage. Once we got her doctored up and the girls realized she was ok, things settled down a bit, but the damage was done.

So we’re only two for six going into bracket play Monday, but the girls are in good spirits, having fun and eager to play, come what may. Fingers crossed; here’s hoping for a victory tomorrow morning.

Rampage: May Madness – top 8 finish

Rampage had their first tournament of the season this past weekend when they played in the AFA May Madness tournament in Columbia, MO.  This was Megan’s (and our) first experience playing competitive softball and in my opinion, both her and the team did pretty well managing to place in the top 8 teams.  I’m still trying to get my bearings –it’s very different than baseball in many ways.  But I was happily surprised by the speed of the game (baseball can be so slow at times) and the ability of many of the girls and teams we saw –a bit of an ah-ha moment if you will.  I think the girls and team will go far, and if I understand correctly, all the girls on Rampage are young enough to keep playing together next year too, a bonus.

May Madness Photos are posted. 

River City Rampage: Introduction

As I mentioned before, this is the first year for Megan to play on a competitive softball team, she’s definitely looking forward to it. For years, she’s just played for fun with a bunch of her friends from school, but in the last couple of years she’s gotten more into it and the win/loss column have developed more meaning for her.

I’ll have to admit, this is new territory for the Atkinson’s. For years I worked with Megan, up until she had the opportunity to work with a young lady who played softball for Mizzou. "Some baseball player taught you how to swing, didn’t they?" Ouch! She spent most of the winter fixing Megan’s "bad habits" and I haven’t commented on her swing since. We do spend time working on throwing and fielding, but that’s about it. The whole pitching/swinging thing is outside my scope.

But anyway, River City Ramage is made up of several girls from all over central Missouri (much like the Mud Dawgs). First tournament is this coming weekend in Columbia Missouri. I’d like to say the girls are ready –they’ve been practicing for a couple of months now, but I’m not sure. As I said earlier, this is our first experience so I’m not sure what to expect in the way of competation, but I know she’s excited and ready to play some ball.

I’ve updated this site, the navigation and carved out a section for Rampage. I’ll update and post photos as time and opportunity allow.

Good Luck Ladies! Fingers crossed for a winning season and… GO RAMPAGE!