Lady Jays Softball photos uploaded

Some of my favorite photos from this season have finally been uploaded to the gallery.  New to the gallery for those of you who aren’t very computer savey, I’ve added and online store where you can order photos and have them shipped directly to your home for a nominal fee, not much more than doing it yourself.

For those of you who prefer the old do-it-yourself method, that’s still available.

Have fun!

From one ballpark to another

Another weekend at the ballparks.  The Freshman Jays wrapped up their season in Boonville this weekend (Saturday).  Weird saying the season is over, but there’s summer ball still to go – that too is an abbreviated schedule compared to what we’re used to around here.

Sunday, back at another ballpark, this time for softball and one of the strangest days ever…  three games for team Ricochet – all off them ended in a tie.  Yes, seriously.  Never seen that before…  sorta anti-climatic.  So, you spend all day playing (or watching) softball and you never lost and never won a single game????  That’s just wrong.

P90x:  today was day 90 – YEA, but no time to celebrate, round two starts tomorrow with day 1.  Can anyone say “Ground Hog Day”?  Lets call it day 91 instead – that sounds much better to me.  I’ll try to write up a summary of my experience over the past 90 days, but if you’ve followed my progress here, then you pretty much already know what I’m going to say.

Heart of Missouri Concert

One of life’s little treats has been getting involved with the American Heart Association for the upcoming 2009 Heart Ball in Jefferson City, Missouri.  It’s amazing how many folks donate their time, putting quite the effort into raising money for this organization.

For the past several weeks I’ve been working on the Heart of Missouri Concert – a night filed with music and fun. The concert will be at the Richardson Auditorium at Lincoln’s University campus on January 29th at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets are $15 each and all proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association’s research and education programs.

Big Smith along with the Falling Martins promise to put on a great show. So pack up the kids, Grandparents and anyone else you can find and come joins us for some great entertainment, all while helping the American Heart Association put a stop to the number one killer of men and women – heart disease.

If you’d like tickets, contact me.  I’d be glad to help you out or you can stop by any Central Bank location and pick them up.

American Heart Association to Host “St. Mary’s Heart of Missouri
Concert”, Raising Funds to Fight Cardiovascular Diseases

Concert to kick-off American Heart Month and to feature well-known bands
“Big Smith” and “Falling Martins”
Please Note: To schedule media interviews, please call 417-551-1645.
January 10, 2009 – In an effort to raise funds and awareness and kick-off American Heart Month in February, the American Heart Association will host the St. Mary’s Heart of Missouri Concert on Thursday, January 29 at 7 p.m. inside Lincoln University’s Richardson Auditorium in Jefferson City, MO. The concert will feature the well-known bands “Big Smith” from the Springfield/Branson area and “Falling Martins” from St. Louis.

All proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association’s research and education related to cardiovascular disease – the number one killer of men and women in the United States each year. Event tickets are $15 each and can be purchased at all Central Bank locations or by calling 573-230-6160. The concert is sponsored by St. Mary’s Health Center, Lincoln University, Central Bank, Farmer’s Title Insurance Company, KOMU-TV, Mid-Missouri CW, Jefferson City Magazine and Zimmer Radio Group.

About Big Smith:
Big Smith is a band from Springfield, MO composed of five cousins. After coming together professionally in the fall of 1996, the band quickly earned a devoted following playing acoustic music that captured the spirit of their native Ozarks. In 2007, music became a full-time profession, as their expanded touring schedule attests. 2008 saw them playing upwards of 110 shows. Still adored in their native Ozarks, years of travel have earned them a place as a Midwest institution. They have made their mark outside the region with several forays to Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Colorado, several tours to the West Coast, and a tour along the Mississippi River from the Twin Cities to New Orleans. They recently enjoyed high-profile opening gigs for Emmylou Harris, Doc Watson, The Avett Brothers and the Del McCoury Band. In the Summer of 2008, they traveled to Europe for the 21st Annual Country Rendezvous Festival in Crappone, France.

About Falling Martins: Based in St. Louis, the Falling Martins are a five-piece rock band with diverse foundations in rock, pop, folk, country, jazz and more. Their lush harmonies, rhythmic and textured guitars, harmonically imaginative keyboards, and flowing and grooving bass, drums and percussion are seamlessly integrated into a cohesive sound that evokes the best of American music. Whether playing their many original songs, or spinning off their tasteful selection of cover songs, the Falling Martins are grabbing the attention of more and more listeners. The band has performed well over 250 live shows since its inception in 2001, solidifying both its experience and chemistry.

About the American Heart Association:
Founded in 1924, the American Heart Association today is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary health organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. These diseases, America’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers, and all other cardiovascular diseases claim nearly 870,000 lives a year. In fiscal year 2007–08 the association invested more than $559 million in research, professional and public education, advocacy and community service programs to help all Americans live longer, healthier lives. To learn more, call 1-800-AHA-USA1 or visit

For More Information:
To purchase tickets to the St. Mary’s Heart of Missouri Concert on January 29, the public is encouraged to call 573-230-
6160 or stop by any Central Bank location in Jefferson City, MO.

Vegas bound

Got up this morning at 2:45 am and drove two hours to St. Louis through what remained of hurricane Ike, all to catch a plane to Las Vegas for some computer training. Not too bad a gig, but sure makes for a long day.

We have a pretty busy schedule this week, so blogging will be lighter than normal.

Stupid Republicians

Yeah, that’s right, you’re just a bunch of stupid, uninformed, sheep. I really don’t understand how they find comfort in such simplistic view of 40% or more of the country. These are after all supposed to be the smartest folks in the room.

For me, I take comfort in these opinions of us conseratives. The truth is, the more the left becomes concened with lossing the upcoming election, the more they’ll point to how stupid the rest of us are. Just wait and watch –and we’ll see come November.

The Dailykos:

McCain’s policies are, on the major issues, either the same or worse
than Bush’s. Bush is fantastically unpopular: on issues of foreign
policy, economy and basic governance the public supports the Democratic
positions far more than the Republican versions. So what the hell is
going on, that McCain could be even within twenty points of either
Clinton or Obama? Who are these people that loathe everything
the Republicans have done, the last seven years, and yet would be
willing to cast their votes for McCain anyway?

Depressingly, I suspect the answer is
straightforward, and the same phenomenon of any other election (and
quite recognizably in 2004). Among voters, especially uninformed
voters, simple political tribalism is a powerful force. As coverage
about Iraq wanes, in favor of coverage of the campaign season, the news
cycles are dominated more and more by the typical, entirely predictable
back and forth of political gamesmanship. The connection between what
goes on in the real world and the "politics" of it — the people
causing it to happen — becomes more tenuous. We are very used to
political campaigning, every two years. It is rote. It seems an utterly
fictional process, in large part because it is; even the most
uninformed of voters is intelligent enough to know that the pandering
of a political campaign is nothing more than the same general
hucksterism they are exposed to in every other election.

I can understand their blind allegiance to Bush… in the same way I
understood the mass suicide at Jonestown or members of the Heaven’s
Gate cult cutting off their testicles and offing themselves in order to
leave their bodily "containers" and enter an alien spacecraft hidden
behind Comet Hale-Bopp.

But really buying the shit Fox News broadcasts requires a scary kind
of intellectual hysterical blindness. So, I find myself talking to them
in carefully measured phrases, designed to keep us on safe ground.
Because if we stray into current events and they source Fox to support
some idiot neocon idea, I can keep my tongue, but they’re liable to see
the pity in my eyes. And I need every friend I can find… even the



What makes a great coach

Coaching, as leadership is more an art form than a science.  Some say great leaders are born, not made –perhaps, but I think good coaches can learn to be great coaches. 

In essance there are 5 traits that can help good coaches become great.

A great coach commands absolute understanding of their sport; knowledge and experience in strategy, tactics and fundamentals are critical.  Simply put, you can not teach what you don’t know.

A great coach has a plan. They see and know where they’re going and don’t allow anything to get in the way.  They analyze team members and match abilities to player positions, not only for the team, but for the individual as well.  Often coaches will have hole or weakness on a team and spend countless hours trying to turn players into something they’re not.  It’s a monumental task and usually leads to frustration and poor performance for the individual and the coach.

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