Enough already

So, by now you’re probably wondering how you got here…  You we’re looking for a post about BC baseball and here you landed.  Well, here’s the explanation.

Folks, for some reason I can’t understand, that post is still one of the more popular post on this site, even though it’s three years old at this point… that’s just crazy.  The incident that happened is too long ago to be relevant today – honestly it’s useless at this point.  Things change, people change and to be haunted over this for this many years is just crazy.

Additionally, I can’t begin to tell you how many people I constantly recommend BC and their baseball programs to.  For the one negative article here, I’ve probably written 10 positives ones and yet it’s the negative article that gets all the attention…  well, no more.

If you just gotta know the story – have some justification you think that will sway me, you can contact me below and perhaps we can begin a discussion about it.  I warn you though, you have a hill to climb, it’s time to stop looking backwards…

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